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From its beginnings in Iran, Bonakdar Rugs (carpets) has been in the carpet business for two generations. Boakdar rugs brand is operated by Matt Khakpour (CEO) and Bahar & Narges Bonakdar. Bahar and Narges are the 2nd generation in their family to be in the carpet business. We have over 20 years of experience. We love helping customers with choosing the perfect rug for their home. We are always striving to improve our customers’ experience; we are one of the online carpet stores in Kyiv.

Handmade Carpet

If you want to buy handmade carpet in Kyiv, you can contact us and consult with our experts. By visiting our website to buy handmade carpet in Kiev, you can buy your favorite rugs with the best qualities and fair prices. Persian and Oriental handmade carpet whether made in tribal or city surrounding are all hand knotted, the weaver ties the material (whether it be wool or silk) around the warps of the foundation using one of several different knots. Each carpet is made to a design, whether that design is copied from an intricate design plate or is inspired by the weaver, their surroundings and their way of life depends on the type of carpet. After each row of knots is complete, individually tied using a variation of colored wool to form patterns, a weft strand is tightly packed between the newly completed row and the one which is about to begin, keeping each knot firmly in place. Each handmade carpet (rug) can take months or even years to complete, ensuring the owner gains a unique work of art which is not only beautiful but practical and often extremely durable.



Handmade Carpet

Handmade carpet in Europe

Bonakdar handmade Rugs | Перські килимиHandmade rug (carpet) is the real foundation of a attractive surface. It helps to convert a boring and dull space into an gorgeous one. It is used to convert a house into a home. A handmade rug takes months to weave. Lets talk about some facts about handmade rugs which you probably don’t know.

Handmade rugs is completed after these seven steps: spinning, washing yarn, dying, weaving, washing, finishing and final touching. They are woven in natural fibers like wool, silk and cotton. One to three weavers can work on a single loom. It is woven on a handloom and is totally operated by hand. That’s why they are unique. A handmade rug is 10 times stronger than a machine-made carpet.

Handmade carpet | handmade rug

Wool is produced by the sheep hair and it is a very durable material. So that a woolen carpet can be placed in a high traffic areas besides  it can absorb water and also provide resistance to the dust and unwanted particles. It is 100% hand-washable and you can easily clean it at your home. If you want to buy handmade rug, you can find traditional and modern styles in our website. Our workshops and warehouse are in Iran and we recently open a new branch in Kyiv, Ukraine.

There are 3 types of rug like hand-knotted, hand tufted and flat-woven. A hand-knotted carpet is woven using knots and piles. Hand-tufted carpets don’t have piles and that’s why it called cut-pile carpet. Flat-woven Kilim also doesn’t contain piles and that’s why it is thinner. The price of handmade rugs depends on Weaving type, weaving density, material, pattern, etc.

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Handmade carpet in Ukraine

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